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Hangouts is a messaging and video chat platform created by Google. Application allows communication with other Hangouts app download users, as well as SMS text messages, phone calls, and video calls between download Hangouts app users and other users. Integrates with other Google services such as Gmail and Google+. Software is currently available for Android, iOS, and as a Chrome app. Software product is a messaging application for mobile devices that allows users to connect with friends and family through text messages, pictures, and video chat. Is free to download on Android and iOS, and can be used with or without a Google account.

Hangouts download free is a social messaging and video dialogue application for Android and iOS devices. Users can use Hangouts Windows to communicate with others by phone or through text-based dialogue, and share media and documents.

Hangouts is a video communication application with a basic interface that is available for free on Google Play Store. Is designed for both group and one-on-one conversations. It has both video and text chat options. Software is a useful application that can be used for both business and personal conversations.


Interface for Hangouts free is clean and intuitive. It offers a lot of features that most people may not be familiar with. The popup chat window, for instance, is perfect for conversations that need some privacy, as it does not show the message history. The app’s interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The dialogue bar is located on the bottom of the screen and the menu is found in the upper left corner. The chat history is located in the lower right corner. The chat box features a search bar and a button for opening a dialogue with a new contact.

The interface of install Hangouts is very user-friendly and straightforward. It has two panes that can be switched between, one for conversations and one for the Contacts. The Contacts pane is preferable for those who don’t want to scroll through their conversations to find the right person. The design of the app is very well done, with dark blue and light blue colors to help emphasize the different parts of app.

Hangouts app has a basic interface which is easy to use. The user can choose to either chat with text or video. Interface is very simple and only consists of three types of buttons: a video button to initiate video chat, a text chat button to initiate text chat, and a button to add more people to the conversation. Person can also choose the color of the chat window and choose to share their location or enable an audio only chat if desired.


Software is an extremely easy to use app. The only trouble users may have is with the iOS app, as it is somewhat buggy. But Google has been releasing software updates to try and fix this issue. Is easy to use and navigate. Chat box allows for one on one messaging with new contacts or for large group chats. There is also a chat history, which keeps a record of all of your conversations.

Usability of Hangouts unblocked is very simple. Is easy to navigate and to learn. It is easy to find a person that you contact frequently, by scrolling up and down. It is also easy to add someone to a conversation by clicking the plus sign, and it is easy to remove someone from the conversation by tapping minus icon.


Functionality of Hangouts install is very good. It allows you to have voice chats and video chats, and texting and instant messaging. It is also easy to share documents, photos, and videos with others. Software product has video and text chat options as well as the option to chat with one person or with a group of up to ten people. Interface is very basic and easy to use.


Google has great customer service. They will answer questions and help with any issues that come up.


  • Why does Hangouts Mac stop working?
    It is designed to work on a number of platforms. In order to make Hangouts download for Windows work on your device, make sure you have the necessary requirements for your device. For example, some devices may need a specific version of operating system to work with software product.
  • Why does Hangouts not work on my computer?
    The most likely cause of this is lack of Java. Software product requires Java in order to work.
  • Why does Hangouts app Windows don’t work on my phone?
    In order for app to work on your phone, you will need to install Hangouts app.


Hangouts is a great app with a lot of features. Video chat, for instance, allows for seamless transition between video and still camera, and zoom feature is perfect for when one is not able to fit entire room into the frame.

Hangouts App for Windows

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